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Geographers at work: research methods


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I have found the topic on language to be the most useful and interesting. Knowing how to use different ways to get a point across is helpful in communicating with others. As for the most confusing I'd say mobility, don't 100% remember what the whole topic was about.

 McKenzie Brown

I don't find any of these topics particularly confusing, and I think they're all very useful and applicable to daily life. And while race and ethnicity and the body are all topics I feel drawn towards, by far my favorite is Language. I've always been interested in language and how different forms of speech and writing have developed, but I am especially interested in looking at it from a cultural geography perspective and how not only what you say, but also your accent and how you say it, define who you are.

Samantha Sanchez

The only topic I may need to refresh on is the topic of youth cultures and the body since I missed the discussion in class. The topics of Capitalism, language and Race and Ethnicity are the most interesting to me. It was fascinating to learn how language impacts one's speech and the way it comes across in cultural terms from a geography perspective since language is one of the main definers of identity for me.

Matt Herbert

Learning about how capitalism influences cultural geography has been very interesting. When I am going on a walk or a drive through different places, I often observe my surroundings and identify the ways in which capitalism has an influence there. It continues to amaze me about how much influence capitalism has over places. The most confusing topic for me was language. I found this topic to be the least helpful of them all.

Moana Gianotti

I think the most interesting was definitely (Socio)nature, I really enjoyed how we could find nature within ourselves and ourselves in nature, because I had never though about nature like that before. The most useful, I would say would be the body and the race and ethnicity. The most confusing for me was the discussion on language, I thought it was just really confusing overall, and wasn't really sure how that topic was connected to defining who a person is.

Madison Overholser

For me, the most interesting topic were capitalism and socio-nature because they are topics that we don't often talk about or analyze deeply. I also felt that these topics were the two most useful to me. I did not find any of these topics to be confusing and that you did a through job of explaining each of them.

Rachel Rosenbaum

Personally I find youth cultures to be the most interesting topic to discuss in class. I believe this is because of our age group and current generation that peaks my interest in this and learning other students' points of views regarding controversial topics on this. For me, the most confusing topic would have to be capitalism.


Out of these topics I feel that capitalism is the most interesting to me. I find capitalism really interesting because it is a huge foundation of our culture however I don’t feel that capitalism is neccecarily always going to remain the same. I think it is really interesting to discuss and look at what will happen to capitalism and our society as a whole as technology and other things drive us forward. I think that mobility is the most confusing for me. Mobility has so many aspects to it, how people move where people move and everything related. I think that the broad range of mobility makes it harder for me to fully grasp.

Halie Korff

I am absolutely most interested in youth culture, just because a majority of college students fall into this category, and it is ever changing. The most confusing topic this trimester however is still culture and ethnicity for myself. It is a topic I don't feel like I have quite gotten or will get any time soon.

Emily Miller

I am personally most interested in topics about the body. I like talking about gender identity and stereotypes. The most confusing topic, although I don't think any of these are too confusing, would probably be capitalism. It is sometimes hard to pick up on the little influences of capitalism in day to day life, unless I'm really looking for them. To me, this is pretty easy to overlook. I feel like race and ethnicity is probably most useful especially in today's political state. Being better able to see and understand how race and ethnicity effect the world around us helps us to better understand and include others.

Jeanette Betancourt

I think most of these topics were all very useful to understand better but the one that I thought was the most interesting was capitalism because before I did not understand what it actually meant but after reading about it and the professor teaching us the actual meaning made a lot of sense. Also race and ethnicity was good to review as well because I feel like not everyone knew the true meaning for those words but although people can still confuse them I have a better understanding since it has been a topic that still affects everyone in the world like Emily said.

Kamalei P.

I agree with McKenzie, where I didn’t find any of these topics particularly confusing. But I really liked the topics of the body, youth cultures and race & ethnicity. I really like the topic of race and ethnicity and how it fits in with cultural geography. Our race and ethnicity defines who we are. Where we come from shapes who we are and not only does it define who we are, but we can also be an influence to the geography of a place as well.

Jiayue Wang

The most useful topic is language, what language you say is where you are. The most confusing topic is race and ethnicity, race can be understand as a cultural and geographical identity based on biological and physical characteristics. Ethnicity is a broader concept that emerges when a group share a common ancestry, origin, and tradition ethnicity connects to geographical territory world view, custom and ritual.

Yifan Lu

I think the most interesting topics are language and youth culture.
The most useful thing is I think is language, because we use language every time. I agree with Jiayue that"What language you say is where you are".
The most confusing thing I think is race and ethnicity.


The most interesting to me is socionature because seeing the way things combine with society and nature is very fascinating
I think the most useful topic is capitalism because it’s very easy to understand and relate into the real world.
The most confusing would be race and ethnicity

Ming Ng

I found youth culture most interesting because there are different ages that people consider being youths and there are many cultures that youths do things in. I found language useful because everywhere we go there is a language being spoken or can be signed. It is how we communicate. The most confusing was the body. I understand what the body means, however it can be confusing of how people identify themselves as but thats okay because that is them.

Jonathon Watt

The one that I found most interesting was Language because I have never looked at language as cultural so I personally thought it was a nice new perspective on language as a whole.
The one that I found most confusing would have to be the body because I have always thought of it as a two sided coin not as a two part scale.
The one that I found most useful was race and ethnicity because I have always thought in the way of race but as we saw on a video in class was that race does not exist.

Christian Hammerich

For me I thought the most interesting topic was Socionature. Like Moana said I thought it was different to think about nature within ourselves. They are topics that I do not really think about in depth as much.

Maria Regalado

the most interesting was socionature because i didnt really paid attention to nature in different ways and now its great seeing it everywhere i go. the most confusing was mobility, i understand it now but i didnt know what it was when we first talking about it.

John Stone

I most most interested in (Socio)nature, since I heavily agree with the thought that humans and human cultures are all a part of nature, and that everything we do and create is a product of nature. I feel as if concepts that have to do with identity, such as the body and language, are the most useful concepts. I'm most confused about race & ethnicity, but I understand it can be important.

Ana Bautista

I thought the language is the most interesting topic of all is language. I feel like there is so much culture is each language. Also, the way language has developed over time is fascinating. The most useful to know is capitalism it is important to be aware of this and how we are easily manipulated just by not standing up to something. The most difficult will probably have to (Socio)nature.


Personally I think all of them are interesting and useful. They all take different parts on everybody's life. All these topics combined make the person each of us are. It was very interesting learning about all this topics, now that I know what each of them mean I pay more attention on what people around me do. I am more aware of why people do what they do. I didn't really any of this topics confusing I just never thought about them.

Grecia Diaz

I thought that youth culture was the most interesting for me, the most usefulwould be race and ethnicity. The reason being we are race and ethnicity so it is convenient to know. I didn't find any of them confusing.

Yazmin Hernandez

The topic that I found the most interesting is race and ethnicity. This topic was the most interesting to me because it is the topic that has many aspects to it. Race and ethnicity are topics which are rarely talked about but I feel that they should be talked about more. This class was very useful in that it made us question and educate ourselves and peers on this topic. The topic that I found the most confusing is mobility.

Moe Tobiyama

For me, the most interesting topic was race and ethnicity. I have few chance to think about this topic in Japan, and there is only one race and ethnicity in my country. But here, there are various kinds of races and ethnicity and "diversity" is one of characteristic of America. I think it's a valuable opportunity that I could hear how people living in America feel about race and ethnicity.

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